Text Box: We hope this newsletter finds all of you well and happy this holiday season.  We have enjoyed another year in Mobile, Alabama full of many blessings and adventures.  We had NO hurricanes this year!
The kids continue to grow like weeds.  Our oldest two are growing into young ladies and the younger two are trying to keep up.  We had 3 of the 4 start at new schools this year which brought a little adjustment to the household.
Kelly is turning 4 years old this month and started 3 year preschool this past fall.  She began ballet and tap lessons after school and insists on keeping her hair as long as possible to be the princess she believes 
Text Box: she is.
Megan (6) started kindergarten in August and has had to adjust to all day school.  She began piano lessons and is enjoying being a Daisy Girl Scout.
Leslie (10) is in 5th grade and started playing clarinet in the Beginner band this fall.  She is still in Girl Scouts and played soccer this past fall and swam on a year round swim team.  She will play basketball next month for her 5th year.  She still loves art and was excited to win her school’s poster contest last month.
Emily (14) began 9th grade at the Catholic High School in the historic area of Mobile.  She has jumped in with both feet getting involved in the Marching band, swim team, several 
Text Box: clubs and is now trying out for Spring Soccer.  She still loves her piano lessons and babysitting when time allows.  We hardly see her except at night or in the car riding to her many activities.
Colleen is still busy working in her shop, leading Leslie’s Junior girl scout troop of 23 girls and being a room mom.  She spends most of her “free time” driving kids to their different activities.  
Text Box: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Text Box: Mortgage Free! (for six months)
Text Box: We paid off our home mortgage at the end of last year!  We had a huge mortgage burning party to celebrate with live music and catered seafood dinner for 80 friends!  
In July, we decided it was un-American to be mortgage free and bought a waterfront condo on the Dog river near our home.  We now have a great 
Text Box: weekend getaway complete with boat slip.  We are having lots of fun enjoying our new getaway.
After three years, I am still working on the Navy ERP project installing SAP in Annapolis, Maryland. At the same time, I am trying to grow Blue Palm Consulting, inc. in other areas.  I still fly home every weekend but spends more nights in the 
Text Box: Sheraton beds than my own.  To help out with the “Keep Mark at Home” fund, click on a couple of the Google ads at www.markdevoe.net .
Mark enjoys burning the mortgageColleen and the girls are ready for Easter

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